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Random House Publisher Services    

"(RHPS) distinguishes itself from other distributors or publishers who distribute third party content in a number of ways. Our state-of-the-art facilities, unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technologies are available to all of our client publishers. We provide a rare combination of large-scale efficiency and attention to detail that is critical in successfully navigating today's increasingly complex market place. Through our services, clients can expect to achieve significant improvements in business performance while minimizing operating costs and capital expenditures. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best: publish books. "


***** Harlequin

 This publisher wants you to tell them about your work before you submit your  manuscripts  ( see below).

"Unless otherwise noted, we do not accept unsolicited complete or partial manuscripts, but ask instead that you submit a query letter. The query letter should include a word count and pertinent facts about yourself as a writer, including your familiarity with the romance genre. Please indicate what series you think your project is appropriate for, if it is completed, what you think makes it special, and previous publishing experience (if any). Also include a synopsis of your story that gives a clear idea of both your plot and characters and is no more than two single-spaced pages. A self-addressed envelope and return international postage coupons will ensure a reply. Should your manuscript be requested, please note the following information."


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